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Autologous Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat Grafting Treatments at Our Bellevue Plastic Surgery Center

As the technology behind plastic surgery has advanced, practical breakthroughs have been developed which allow surgeons to use the fat removed during liposuction for other purposes. At A-To-Zen Regenerative Medicine, we offer fat transfer procedures in conjunction with liposuction, although it can also be performed on its own without liposuction. This allows us to use undesirable fat from one area of the body to contour or shape another part which may be lacking. Our Bellevue cosmetic surgeon is highly trained and we have completed many successful fat transfers.

We often use fat transfer for the following purposes:

  • Improving scars or depressions.
  • Repairing irregularities.
  • Enhancing or enlarging breast shape and size.
  • Enhancing the size or shape of the buttocks.

How Is a Fat Transfer Performed?

The fat transfer process involves three steps. The first step involves the removal of the fat from a specific area using a unique method of liposuction. From there, the fat is washed and purified to ensure it is prepared for the transfer. In the final step, the fat is re-injected into the desired area to sculpt and form your body.

Areas we commonly perform this procedure on, include:

  • Hands
  • Face
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks (ie: “Brazilian Butt Lift”)
  • Pecs & Delts

Post-Operative Instructions

It is important that you are careful following surgery to ensure that the fat is properly re-absorbed. Diet and exercise should still be an essential part of your lifestyle in order to maintain the outcome of your procedure. The fat transfer process provides a number of advantages, especially when used for the purpose of a butt lift. Are you interested in more information about the Bellevue fat transfer process and whether it is the right type of procedure for your customized treatment plan?

Please contact us today at (425) 224-3140 to learn more about this treatment and others we offer at our Bellevue cosmetic surgery center!

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