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Bellevue ALMI Procedure

Use Your Own Body’s Stem Cells Where You Need Them the Most

As time goes on, our bodies will naturally change and produce less collagen, which can cause our skin to lose its youthful appearance. Thankfully, the ALMI procedure can help you look your best, turning back the clock and boosting your confidence with healthy, full hair and skin. ALMI uses your own body’s tissues to improve your appearance naturally and quickly.

How ALMI Works

ALMI, or Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection, is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure designed to invigorate the skin and hair by using the body’s own stem cells and injecting them where you need them most. The process is an outpatient procedure that only takes 45 minutes and doesn’t use any chemicals. The Bio-cellular therapy takes fat tissue from the abdominal area or legs and reintroduces them to the areas that require more structure and fullness.

ALMI for Skin

You can choose to use ALMI to fight the signs of aging on your face, body, or hands. Wherever your skin feels like it needs a restorative boost, these non-invasive injections can help.

ALMI can help with the following skin issues:

  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Tone
  • Structure
  • Elasticity
  • Sunspots

ALMI for Hair

Fight hair loss with ALMI hair rejuvenation treatments. Whether you are battling baldness or thin, lackluster hair, ALMI injections can help you feel confident and young again with the best hair of your life. ALMI places regenerative cells specifically where you need them, promoting hair follicle regrowth for stronger, thicker hair. Not only does it support existing hair follicles, it also stimulates dormant ones to reform and grown anew.

ALMI for Body

For anyone suffering tissue injuries, the ALMI BodyShot can help you heal quickly and naturally using your own body’s supportive cells. Bio-cellular therapy can help with problems caused by arthritis, meniscal tears, ligament and tendon ruptures, degenerative discs, muscle tears and hip pain. In the same way ALMI injections stimulate cell growth for cosmetic improvements, it can also inspire musculoskeletal regrowth for painful or limiting conditions that might otherwise require invasive surgeries. Like all of the ALMI procedures, these injections will only take 45 minutes with minimal to no downtime, depending on each patient.

ALMI for Men and Women

The ALMI FemShot is ideal for women looking for a younger appearance after childbirth or menopause, or natural aging. This injection can improve vaginal atrophy, dryness, incontinence or painful intercourse by improving vaginal health.

For men, the ALMI ManShot regenerates damaged tissues and can help with erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and painful intercourse. This procedure increases tissue volume, reducing signs of aging and improving function.

Choose A-To-Zen Regenerative Medicine for Your ALMI Procedure

If you’d like to find out if one of the ALMI procedures is right for you, our Bellevue cosmetic surgery center is the best place to start. Our Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgery doctor is passionate about helping every patient look and feel their best. We are a holistic medical practice that holds our facility and our staff to the highest standards in order to ensure our patients receive the best care available.

At A-To-Zen Regenerative Medicine we use the most advanced technology available and treat patients with a variety of issues, including hormone imbalances, weight concerns, adrenal and thyroid problems, and more. We combine the best of alternative and western medicine in order to provide our patients with the noticeable results they desire. In addition to our caring service, we also offer loan options from multiple lenders to help you finance your surgery or treatment.

To learn more about our ALMI procedures, contact A-To-Zen Regenerative Medicine for a free consultation.

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